Why deal with us?

The advantages in dealing with D4 Group for all your IT contract needs are that you are:

Working with an organisation that has a pure focus on the Systems Development area which ensures the best available Contractors are supplied on demand, thereby reducing hiring costs
Provided with a performance backed guarantee on all resources engaged
Given a ten (10) day evaluation period to assess the suitability of all resources and if you are not 100% satisfied with the competency of a Contractor there is no charge for their time and a more suitable resource will be provided within 24 hours of request
Supplied resources on a 3 month probationary basis during which time you can cease their services for any reason by giving 24 hours notice

Our service is designed to ensure you engage the best IT professionals on time and on budget via the:
Provision of the most highly skilled resources within 24 to 48 hours of request
Supply of industry experienced Contractors who are motivated to achieve results
Delivery capability of a team of specialist Client Relationship Managers who have expertise within your specific technology streams and industry
Flexible contract terms provided that allow you to bring on and release contractors on a demand driven basis to reflect changing business needs
24 x 7 support to assist in dealing with urgent requests by emailing info@D4 Group.com.au

The D4 Group charter is built around providing clients with the best available resource(s) that have relevant industry experience along with the requisite technical skills to enable the delivery of optimal solutions within minimum time frames.

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Resources engaged on assignment can be provided on a:

Contract basis for fixed or rolling periods; or
Fixed price quotation on a time and materials basis.

If you are looking for the best resources in the market to deliver on a critical project then D4 Group can provide a resourcing solution tailored to your needs.■